Friday, April 10, 2009

Mega Play

Friday, April 10th, 2009
One thing the Wickers and Simons have in common is the boys LOVE to play video games.
Jeanine thought it might be fun to take them to a place called Mega Play.
We decided to try this place out, rather than our traditional Spring Break trip to Chuck E. Cheese.
I sprained my back at work on Tuesday. By today, my back was screaming in pain. Lucky for me, later on this evening Jeanine helps me stretch out the muscle. Its nice having a massage therapist for a friend :D
Jeanine...Jonathan razzed her about wearing a life preserver today instead of yesterday when we were at the Lake, but I thought she looked pretty stylish :P

Maria and Jeanine at Mega Play


Jonathan watching Dylan play

Dylan playing his game. (Jeanine and I were getting a kick out of both taking pictures simultaneously...we are easily amused :P)

Kyle playing video's a favorite past time with this crew.

Elijah playing a racing game

Nicholas playing

Luke playing

Luke and Nicholas played Air Hockey for the longest time. They were so cute together :D
After we finished here we rented "Bedtime Stories" and "Bolt" and headed back home. The kids really got in to playing Guitar Hero, and I'm just waiting for Dylan to inform me that he wants to play the guitar now. He definitely loves the game :P