Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Redirecting our blog

Well apparently it is possible to run out of room on a blog. Who knew? I had posted so many pictures over the last few years, that my blog simply couldn't hold anymore. After much deliberation on whether or not to eliminate postings or simply start an additional blog, I chose the latter. My hope is you will continue to enjoy the many adventures of the Simons Family. Join us as we laugh together, cry together, learn together and support each other through it all.

Simonsays6 Part II is located at

Join us there!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Finally Finished Unpacking

I cannot begin to tell you how much I dislike moving and unpacking.

Whereas it has been very fun to come into this house and create a home from it, I have gotten so sick of having this wall full of unpacked boxes needing addressed.

This week I had a few days off and decided to finish this.

What a great feeling to have a clean room again.

Jonathan is already fantasizing about the pool table he would like to go into this space :D

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Thieman Family Reunion 2011

Thieman Family Reunion

July 31st, 2011

Harrison Lake State Park

Let's eat!

Dylan doing his "thing"

Jonathan and Uncle Steve chat

Lining up for Kid Games

Kyle plays with Baby Glenn

Our fearless leader, Katie shows the kids how to play the Oreo game

Luke is gonna give it a try

Working it on down

Group #1

Aunt Barb watches

Nicholas eating his Oreo...He caught on really fast

Dylan's such a good sport (He really didn't want oreo cookie all over his face)

Luke throwing the cookie up in the air and trying to catch it in his mouth

Nicholas and his prize. He won the Oreo game for his group

Nick Tillman and Luke Simons

Dylan hides behind Nicholas

Nicholas T. and Luke partner up for the Beach Ball Relay

Dylan and Nicholas partners

This is fun!

Ray Bosch and his partner Matthew

Nicholas plays

The Fishing Game

Luke plays too

Luke gets his fish in


Luke's Prize


Nicholas with Yankee Doodle


Cuddle Time

Mama and Papa Bear

Enjoying the beautiful day together

Cuddling with my sweetheart

This picture reminds me of Twilight


The kids swimming in Harrison Lake

Dylan playing with his brothers

Air borne

Luke's turn now

It's funny because I have pics here in the same lake 5 or 6 years ago with Jonathan throwing the boys in the it's Dylan :D

The kids had a great day

Maria and Jonathan

Best Friends

Friday, July 8, 2011

The Simons Adventures at Cedar Point

My guys ready for a fun day!

Cedar Point here we come!

The very first ride they went on

They are off!

Fun times!


Our boys!

What's next?

Dylan riding with Nicholas

They were excited to go on this ride because they didn't get a chance to go on it last year.

Ready to go!


Dylan and Nicholas

Mom doesn't like the rides. She just comes along to facilitate the fun

We were playing around while we waited for the others to go on the Wicked Twister.

Jonathan, Luke and Kyle were unable to go on the Wicked Twister because it started Thunder and Lightning

Making silly faces!

Now what? Many of the rides shut down due to the weather.

We wouldn't be able to get our money back...

The kids decided to play in the rain

We try to teach our kids to make the best out of whatever situation they find themselves in

Wet Monkeys!

We ended up finding some rides open in the pouring rain

Nicholas riding the Matterhorn

Dylan and Kyle

He's such a happy kid

Riding the Mine Ride

The Mine Riders

They were already wet...why not go on Thunder Canyon?

Luke on Snake River Falls

There they go

Jonathan and Kyle

Here they come!

Nicholas and Dylan soaked in the front row

The Millenium Force Riders


Kyle was excited to ride the Dragster!

The day went down hill after this.

I think everyone started getting tired.

Nicholas decided throw one of his tantrums and wouldn't come with us...there was a communication breakdown and Luke took off alone to the Wind Seeker. Jonathan and Kyle went to find Luke. I stayed where he disappeared from, in case he returned. Nicholas decided he was going to the car, so I sent Dylan with him. Jonathan found Luke. I headed to the car. Got to the car and there wasn't any Nicholas or Dylan. Dylan had forgotten to bring his cell phone with him that day. So, I'm calling Jonathan frantic! He starts searching for them in the park, while I drive all over the parking lot looking for our boys. Jonathan got security looking for our boys, too. Not finding them, I finally went to the gate entrance/exit to wait for them. Knowing they couldn't leave without my seeing them. Jonathan and the other two boys met up with me. As soon as we caught up on what had been happening, Kyle looks up at the Carousel and says "Look Mom, they are right there!" RELIEF!

Even with the "bumps" in the day, we had a great Family Day!