Monday, May 18, 2009

Angels in Comfortable Shoes

As we were leaving the Celebration of Life Luncheon for Uncle Bill, Jeff took a moment to let me know how grateful he is for the "beacon" I am in our family. He commended my willingness to sacrifice time, energy, and even sanity to insure that our family on all sides is united. I help create traditions and provided opportunities for our family to not only have quality time together, but quantity time as well. I was grateful for his acknowledgment of the efforts I make to instill the importance of "family" in those I care for.

As we drove home, I felt blessed to have been able to be the "angel" to others over the past couple of weeks. When I was younger, and the concept of spiritual gifts or talents came up...I often times struggled to come up with any real gifts or talents I have. I'm not artistic, musical, a great speaker, etc... What do I really offer the world? For years, I have searched for that very answer.

It became apparent to me today as I thought of the many lives I am able to touch and assist not only within my own family, but in the lives of former patients...that I have a valuable contribution that I do make. When others are lost, afraid, sick, or need support, I am there. If I can't help in their healing, I can at least be a companion to help them through this difficult time. Sometimes, my contribution is seemingly small...but I am beginning to realize how long lasting and meaningful that contribution can be. I don't really feel like I did much for Bill, Julie, and their family this week...but the impact that was made in their lives was huge (according to them). I am grateful for my knowledge and ability to be there when I am needed most. My favorite nursing quote is "Nurses are Angels in Comfortable Shoes"...I truly felt the significance of that phrase this week. I knew I was an instrument in the Lord's hands, and I was honored to do it.