Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What makes a good parent?

(Luke's teacher sent this paragraph he wrote in school home...knowing we would love to know what he wrote.)

"What makes a good parent?" "My parents are good parents. My mom and dad cook dinner. My mom helps me with my homework. My mom and dad buy me everything I need. This is why my parents are good parents."

These words might seem simple to you, but in this sometimes thankless job we do as parents...these moments when what we do is acknowledged feels nice. Over the years, Luke's little gifts like these have always been tender and heartfelt.

Luke is my child that often times feels slighted, or claims that "things aren't fair." I've said for many years that "if Luke could've been an only child...he wouldn't ever had anything to complain about and would be the perfect child." I learned long ago not to kill myself trying to make things fair in Luke's eyes...because regardless of what I do, "not fair" usually means "he isn't the only one getting everything that his heart desires or things aren't exactly the way he wants."

In these moments when he says "Hey mom and dad...thanks!", we basque in the momentary gratitude. We are thankful for you too, Luke!