Sunday, October 5, 2008

Say what?

We spent a lovely Sunday over at Jeff and Denise's watching General Conference together, having brunch, visiting, and following everything up with a yummy supper. This is one of our many family traditions. The kids love any time that we go to Jeff and Denise's place and they can spend time with their cousins. Everyone enjoyed themselves!
We arrive home around 8:30 pm and the boys went in to check on the hamster first always. Nicholas comes running out yelling "Mommy, Mommy...Gerby is a girl, Mommy! She had babies!" Stunned, I asked "You're kidding me right?" (Remember this hamster was supposedly a boy). I went in to discover that the hamster was indeed a mommy and without being able to actually count...we believe there are 8-10 babies. GRRRR!
I am later informed that when Jonathan went to PetSmart they stated that all of the hamsters were customers wouldn't have this problem. He assumed that Pet Supplies Plus (where he ended up getting Gerby) had the same policy. Apparently not! I wonder if I can hold them responsible for taking in these babies when they are old enough...since this is obviously their fault? Why do you think we only got one?
So now we have to not only read about raising these little critters, but find homes for all of them (I imagine the likelihood of Pet Supplies Plus taking these babies is pretty slim). The kids want to keep them all (of course)...Jonathan and I both simultaneously responded with an emphatic "NO!"
Anyone want a hamster? Come know you do :)
Gerby watching over her babies
Little naked, rodents...I mean babies!


Koala Green said...

We might take two

Jeannetta said...

Honestly, I'd call and ask them to buy them back. If they don't, maybe one of the others will!
Oh gosh I think for once I'm thankful I moved away! lol

Melissa Monday said...

Oh my goodness! That is so funny. I've heard that life often throws you curve balls, but I've rarely heard that it throws you hamsters--let alone 10 of them! Good luck at getting people to take them. I wish I didn't have a phobia of rodent-like creatures. My boys would love one!