Thursday, October 9, 2008

The girl has skills

I have developed a skill over the years, that many of you may not know about. I have been cutting the hair of the boys/men in my family for the last few years. It started with only being able to use clippers and cut bangs...and through a little experimentation and watching others. I have gotten to the place where I can do this. (It helps to have such a good looking model to work with :)

Due to the curse of being prematurely gray and not wanting to pay salon prices for hair coloring, I have gotten good at hair coloring my own hair and the hair of others, as well. Grandma is grateful for this skill...since she hates how washed out her gray hair makes her appear. Pretty cool, huh?


Anita said...

Way to go girl. I am at the trim the bangs and clipper stage. I tried coloring my hair once but it turned out a mess. I will have to try again though seeing as we are more poor now than ever before and my hair hasn't had anything done to it except trimming my bangs in the last year! Anyway way to go, you rock, in so many ways!