Friday, February 27, 2009

Thomas Edison

Luke had his fifth grade presentation today. Luke learned all about Thomas Edison. He then dressed like him and gave a speech in front of the class. Luke is very excited about Thomas Edison and his contributions to our world.

Thomas Alva Edison~American inventor
February 11, 1847
Place of Birth
Milan, Ohio
Death October 18, 1931

Known for
Inventing numerous useful devices, including a practical electric light bulb and the phonograph
1869 Received his first patent, for a vote-recording machine
1876 Set up a research laboratory in Menlo Park, New Jersey
1877 Invented the phonograph
1879 Invented the first practical incandescent electric light bulb
1882 Provided electricity, generated by a central power station, to New York City
1883 Discovered that incandescent materials emit electrons. This phenomenon is known as the Edison effect or thermionic emission.
1887 Moved his research laboratory to larger quarters in West Orange, New Jersey
1891 Finished the kinetoscope, a device designed by Edison and his employee, William Dickson, to produce brief motion pictures
1910 Invented the Edison battery, which used an alkaline electrolyte
1913 Produced the first talking motion pictures
Did You Know
As a young man Edison saved a stationmaster's son from being hit by a train, and out of gratitude the stationmaster taught him how to use the telegraph.
Edison patented over 1,000 inventions.
Edison worked for the Navy during World War I, improving submarines and flamethrowers.

Luke's favorite Thomas Edison Fun fact...he once set the family barn on fire while attempting some experiments.

Many people in his class thought Luke really resembled Thomas Edison as a child. Luke asked if we could check our family history to see if we might be related. After all, they are both from Ohio.


Jeannetta said...

Way to go Luke!
You DO look like him, I hope you are related, that would be so cool!
I hope you get an *A*