Friday, February 13, 2009

Pulled Over

Jonathan was driving toward home on Centennial Ave in his '82 Monte Carlo Hot Rod (first time this season), when suddenly he noticed lights flashing behind him. He checked the speedometer, and he wasn't speeding. For once, he actually had his seatbelt it couldn't be that. What could be the problem?

He pulled over, and the Sylvania Police Officer approached the car inquiring if Jonathan "realized that his lights were not on, when he turned back there?" Jonathan hadn't touched the lights, so he explained "they had to be on at that time also." The officer asked Jonathan "If he had been drinking?" (That's never a problem here). The officer asked him "where he was heading to?" Jonathan responded "I'm heading home." The officer then inquired "Is your address correct on the license." Jonathan informed him of our new address. (Fortunately we had changed our address with the DMV back when we moved) The officer ran his plates and license and let him go. PHEW!
Can't help but think there might've been some profiling going on here. Hot Rod out on a Friday night, surely there must be some joy riding going on there. Jonathan was greatly relieved to be released without even a warning, because when he first got the Hot Rod Maria suggested "opening a savings account for all of the speeding tickets he would accrue driving that car."