Saturday, June 12, 2010


It has been a whirlwind romance filled with many answers to prayers and revelations of God's hand and approval in the engagement of James Cady to my mom (Leslie Lake)
We couldn't be more thrilled in having an expansion to our family and the opportunity to be sealed together as a Forever Family
James wanted to officially ask Grandpa Newbold for Mom's hand in marriage

We wanted to get them a little something for their engagement

Mom trying to figure out what it is

Bride and Groom buttons

The jokesters thought it would be funny to wear each other's buttons

We went to Hometown Buffet to celebrate...all 21 of us and that isn't even everyone

It has been difficult to wipe the smiles off of either one of their faces since this all started
But then again, who would want to?

Mackie decided she had an idea of how to best enjoy her food.
She put her peas, cheese, and Jello Jigglers in her fruit punch

Birds eye view....YUCK!

Brooklyn loves her Ice Cream

Mackie trying to get Momma's (Laura) food

Linda enjoying the yummy food

Vivi eating her Jello Jiggler

Addie, Samantha, and Britain
Back~ Sailor and Luke
Front~Parker, Dylan and Kyle
More boys for Sailor, Yeah!
Nicholas in his usual form

We couldn't be more thrilled to meet our new family members and start this new adventure together