Friday, June 26, 2009

Splash Universe

Jonathan really wanted a day to work on his Hot Rod with his brother....
I really wanted a fun day playing with the boys....
We had gift certificates to Splash Universe.
I called Krisi and she agreed to come and play with us.

We started out the experience taking this picture...
and then followed it up by my accidentally walking in to the boys room.
Krisi saw me go in to that she followed closely behind.
We speedily exited the boys room when we realized what we had done...
20 shades of red :P
There is a gigantic bucket that fills with water...
when the bucket gets to a certain level, it tips over...
soaking everything in its reach
There were two water slides...
the yellow one was open, and only dark for a few moments at the end...
Luke said it was the faster one.
The green slide was completely dark...
You didn't know which was you would be turning...
Scary for me...
Enjoyable for the rest :D

We were in line for the water slides and Krisi shares with me that she is actually afraid of water slides. I gave her the escape to get out of line.
Nicholas really wanted her to go with him...
so he talked her in to going on the Water Slide.
Krisi is soft for this boy
Nicholas informed me that he went on the water slides 14 times
Kyle and Nicholas exiting off the slide at exactly the same time...makes me wonder if one is really faster than the other?
Dylan in the Water Works
Nicholas relaxing on The River Raisin
Dylan chilling
Mom and Nicholas playing
Mom and Kyle
Nicholas tried every single slide in this place...including the li'l guy slides

We were told the experience of the "Big Splash" would be even better if you were laying down.
Dylan and Krisi gave it a shot
Dylan and Mom
Mom and Dylan getting splashed
Kyle Krisi and Dylan
Nicholas getting on yet another slide
He decided to go down backwards
Ooohh Laaa Laaa there's a hot tub!
It was 18 years or older.
Dylan and Kyle would sneak in when I was in there.
Krisi enjoying the water canons
So wrong!
Kyle playing in the water works
Luke and Kyle play together

Lily Pad leap provided loads of entertainment
The heavier you are the more difficult the task
Even Nicholas ended up falling off
Kyle gives it a try


Dylan wanted to see how far he could jump at a time
He lands!

We giggled and giggled when we saw this sign...
Ya think?
Me and my Cutie Patooties!