Saturday, March 13, 2010

Swan Creek District Pinewood Derby

Swan Creek District Pinewood Derby
March 13th, 2010
held at St. Francis De Salles High School
Nicholas and Courage went to represent our Pack for the Bear Den
Jonathan getting the car within the weight specifications
Dave and Courage watching Jon
Jonathan and Nicholas
They competed amongst 45 cars
Nicholas waiting in line to race

Nicholas ready to race the first time
How's it going to do? We were nervous because when Jonathan was attempting to take off some of the weight...he accidentally hit the wheel well. This could be catastrophic!
Nicholas' car wins!
Courage ready to race his first race
Courage wins his first race too!
Courage puts his car on the track for race #2
He wins that one!
Nicholas puts his car on the track
He wins again!

Nicholas and Courage wait to see if they made it to finals
They make it to finals! Hooray!
They make it to the top 12
Time to race again!
Nicholas and Courage race each other
As usual the classic wedge starts stomping out the other cars.
The boys didn't end up winning a trophy, but they sure had fun!