Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day 2009

After Christmas Morning unwrapping presents
We head to the Newbold Family Christmas Celebration
held at our church
where we eat, have a Christmas Pageant, have a White Elephant Gift Exchange, and most of all enjoy our time together
Karen, Amy and Ken
Jonathan and Gramma
Desi, Andromeda and Rob
Carrie and Josh
Our annual production of The Christmas Story
Baby Jesus is born and angels rejoice
The Shepherds come to see Baby Jesus
Three Kings visit Joseph Mary and Baby Jesus
Our cast takes a bow
Our annual White Elephant Gift Exchange
Rex and Michelle
Paul sad to have an empty chair next to him
Nikki and Ray Huston
Mary, Karen and sleeping Jayden
Josh, Carrie, and Maegan
Jonathan, Gramma Knicely, and Grandpa Newbold
Jeff and Denise
Uncle Frank and Aunt Vicky
Dylan, Parker and Kyle
Denise and Maria
Choya, Amanda and Tim
Rob's Family...Bastian, Rob, Desi, and Andromeda
Amy and Ken with Hailey and Emily
Aunt Cheri and Aunt Barb
Uncle Steve and Barry
Aunt Tammy, Uncle Joe and Jenifer
After Christmas with the Newbolds we rush over for Christmas with the Simons
Nicholas plays with his gift
Uncle Chris and Chad
Aunt Diane surrounded by Nicholas, Luke and Netania
Cody, Chad and Dylan

We then rushed from The Simons, dropped off the family, and Maria rushed to work 7 pm to 7 am