Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween with Jeanine and Elijah

Jeanine and Elijah came in to town to visit us again over Halloween weekend.
Everyone was excited for their visit.
Luke and Nicholas gave up their room to Jeanine and Elijah.
The activities planned weren't as important as the time spent together.
We had hoped to go to a Corn Maze and an Apple Orchard, but those things ended up falling through.
The boys spent lots of time playing video games, wrestling, drawing and spending time together
The adults enjoyed spending time together and with the boys.
We did get to go to the movies...some of us saw "Couples Retreat"...some of us saw "This Is It"...and some of us saw "Astroboy"
We love spending time with the Wickers :D
Luke playing on the computer

Nicholas takes over the usual :D
Nicholas on the computer
Dylan loves his Mommy
Tired boy!
Kyle watching video game playing
Jonathan popping popcorn for movie night
Elijah deep in thought
There was a day when he actually fit on my lap
Elijah watching the movie
Dylan watching the movie
Luke enjoying popcorn
Kyle and Elijah eat popcorn while watching the movie
Dylan and Elijah drawing...they have a lot in common
The boys watching Saturday morning cartoons
Luke and Nicholas wrestle
Nicholas sits on Jeanine's lap while playing the PS3
Mom with her Nicholas
Happy Nicholas
Elijah drawing
Nicholas and Jeanine cuddling
Nicholas thoroughly enjoyed wrestling with Jeanine
Kyle ready for Trick or Treating
Dylan ready for Trick or Treating
Elijah went as the Joker from Batman.
The Trick or Treaters
Jeanine and Elijah ready for Trick or Treating
Crazy hats for Crazy girls!
Me and my old man :D
We traditionally go trick or treating with the Nevers.
We didn't see why this year should be any different.
Kenny Jr., Aaron, Kendra, Sarah, Raelynn, and Clark
Halloween Simons
Elijah, Kyle, Dylan, Nicholas and Luke
Whenever Dylan was in costume...he also went in to character.
It was amusing :D
Where do they get this energy?
Nicholas in a pile of leaves~Boys just can't resist a good pile of leaves ;D
Luke loved wearing this mohawk, but somehow he kept getting it tilted to the side
We walked and walked and walked
Thankfully, the weather was nice...although, Jeanine was wishing for Florida :D
This was only Elijah's third time in his life trick or treating.
He really seemed to have a good time.
Trick or Treat!

Elijah and Luke~Trick or Treating Buddies
Nicholas and Clark
Candy stash
The boys checking things out
Half Joker
Sometimes it takes longer to take the make-up off than it did to put it on
Elijah reminded me of the "Little Rascals" here