Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Jammies

Our Christmas Eve traditions mom taking the boys to go look at Christmas lights, have hot chocolate or watch a movie. This gives Jonathan and I an opportunity to get much needed wrapping accomplished, and finish any last minute Christmas Morning preparations that we might need to complete.
After everything is wrapped, we then allow the children to return back home. We open up our Christmas Jammies, put them on, and then take some snap shots. The kids then set out cookies and milk for Santa and head off to bed to dream of the possible gifts they'll be receiving in the morning. (It's the one night of the year when we don't hear any fussin' or fightin' about going to bed)

Grandma got to go first, since this was her first time experiencing "Christmas Jammies" with us. She really liked her jammies, which was an undertaking since she is very fussy about fabrics and what she we had to be careful what we bought for her.

Nicholas was very pleased with his Mario Kart jammies

Luke got Super Mario jammies

Kyle likes he received Camouflage jammies
Dylan is looking forward to attending Northview High School next he got Northview spirit wear jammies

Jonathan likes to relax before bed by playing his XBox 360...he received XBox 360 jammies

Jonathan and the boys shopped for my Christmas Jammies this year...they are the right size, soft, and other words...Perfect!

Simons Boys

Simons Family show off their Christmas Jammies

Merry Christmas from the Simons

Everyone really loved their Christmas Jammies!


Jon, Karisha, and Ally Browning said...

that is such a neat family tradition!!

M2 (Melissa) said...

I love these pictures! My mom used to always buy us matching jammies which is a feat with 3 boys and a girl - I think they ended up being sweats as we were older! Now she gets all the grandkids matching jammies - this year I ordered them for her - what a pain! Your family is so funny - I love the videos and stuff. Grandma fits in rather well!