Sunday, August 3, 2008

Kyle receives the Aaronic Priesthood

Sunday, August 3rd, 2008

In our religion, when a boy turns 12 years old, he can receive the Aaronic Priesthood. This priesthood is a preparatory priesthood before they receive a higher priesthood called the Melchezidek Priesthood. There are different offices of the Aaronic Priesthood...the first one being the office of Deacon. The responsibilities of a Deacon include...
1. Gather fast offerings.

2. Pass the sacrament.

3. Serve as the bishop’s messenger.

4. Care for the grounds and physical facilities of the church.

5. Assist in service projects or welfare assignments as assigned by the bishop.

6. Watch over the Church and act as standing ministers (see D&C 84:111).

7. Be involved in missionary and reactivation efforts (see D&C 20:58–59).

8. Assist teachers in all their duties as needed (see D&C 20:53, 57).

9. Give talks in Church meetings.
Kyle has anxiously been awaiting the opportunity to gain this privilege and responsibility. Therefore, today was a very important day to him.
Morgan Ethington, Harvey Miller, Jonathan Simons, Jeffrey Lake, Michael Richter, and Brian Kijowski all participated in Kyle's ordination

Kyle standing with Daddy, Uncle Jeff and Uncle Mike

Kyle in the Aaronic Priesthood room where Kyle was ordained with proud Mom and Dad

Dad ordained Kyle to the Aaronic Priesthood

Dylan~Deacon Quorom President

Excited for Kyle to join his Quorom